The Paradise Shores Family

Wow, have we grown. We began with just the two of us doing everything on site, from starting the motor boats in the cold 5am dawn, to helping park the weary late arrivals at 11pm. In-between there were check-ins, emails and cleaning, a lot of cleaning. Then something amazing happened. We found a few extremely gifted, funny, hard working people, and we fell in love with them. We want to share them with you. It truly is rare to have this group of interesting, talented, outgoing people in any location, but here on the side of a mountain? Well, we feel blessed.


If you are wondering how we found our way to the Eastern Sierras, here is a bit about our journeys...

Alan, Veronika & Oliver Pottasch

We came to Paradise Shores because of our deeply rooted love of the area, born of our passion for rock climbing and back country skiing. Originally raised in NYC and Prague, once we moved to LA, we found ourselves schlepping to the Sierra every weekend. During one of those weekly migrations the idea of ‘cashing in and dropping out’ became irresistible. Within six months of finding the listing, Paradise Shores was ours. Like coming home from the hospital with a newborn, that first year was part panic, part pleasure and all adrenaline. Nearly a decade later, we are still finding our way, still learning about our baby and are still excited to improve. We pursue experiences the way a pig pursues truffles. Every day is magical, every day amazes. What we find the most gratifying is to share our knowledge of ‘The Range of Light’, this lesser known part of California, with new visitors.

Justin Roddan

For me growing up in SoCal in the early 70’s included lots of outdoor adventures. Body surfing, skim boarding, snow skiing, dirt biking, sailing, rock climbing, and golfing where ever possible. I lived and breathed outdoors! My first introduction to the Sierra was when I was a kid around 7 years old. My parents would take my sister and I backpacking into the Sierra during the summer for week long hiking and camping trips. When I met my wife Audrey, one of my favorite memories is the first time she took me fishing. I remember her fishing in a tiny brook in Big Bear and I said no way will there be fish in that brook. She put her finger to her lips to quiet me, pointed at a rock with a nice swale behind it and then she proceeded to pull out a lunker rainbow... I was hooked! Now I work and live my outdoor adventure dream as a camp host and I love helping my fellow campers or newcomers alike to get the most out of their outdoor time.

Charlie & Kelli Compton

We enjoy both, the thrill of an adventure and quiet nights at home with our dog, Diesel. We love trying new things, meeting new people, tasting new food. We lived in North Carolina most of our lives. It is a beautiful place. But when we hit our thirties, we made a huge life change. We sold everything and bought an RV! Now we galavant around, doing what we love... traveling. We live full-time in a 2012 Airstream. We are discovering the hidden beauty that makes up the heart of our great country. With our main passion for hiking, we have fallen in love with the Eastern Sierra. There are few places left in the world with as much wild, raw beauty. We feel we have barely scratched the surface discovering the secrets this area holds. We love meeting people from all over the world and look forward to sitting together around a campfire and maybe even playing a few tunes on the guitar with you, too.